KRALSKA vodkas are true personalities in the world of drinks. They are characterised by exciting, delicate flavours that make for a great experience when consumed neat. The Kralska family is available in a wide range of cocktail variations, as well as the classic vodkas, in a variety of flavours: chocolate, green apple, orange, lemon, strawberry, almond. Our 30% alcohol vodka-based KRALSKA Spirit Drink drinks have the silky flavours of chocolate, orange, green apple, pear.
KRALSKA VODKA is produced in Plovdiv, the 6th oldest city in the world. It has been inhabited since Neolithic times. The Thracians built a fortress here called Emolpias, which was captured in 342 BC by Philip of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great, and named Philippopolis. The Romans called it Trimontium, the City of the Three Hills. Slavs appeared in the area as early as the sixth century, but it was not until 815 that it became part of the first Bulgarian empire on the Danube. The traditional taste and quality of KRALSKA VODKA is worthy of the ancient history of the town.

Company Info

  • Company name: Bevilija Kft.
  • Address for correspondence: 2141 Csömör Hegyalja köz 3.
  • Office/Place of business: 1173 Budapest, Strázsahegyi dűlő 7.
  • Tax number: 13305680-2-13
  • Company registration number: 13 09 099554
  • Excise licence number: HU02355201001
  • Bank account number: OTP 11715007-20439453
  • IBAN number: HU25117150072043945300000000 (OTPVHUHB)
Unique brand
Bevilija Ltd. is the official distributor of the KRALSKA brand in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Continuous promotion
Our KRALSKA products are constantly promoted through multiple platforms: Facebook and Instagram campaigns, TV appearances and other forums.
What’s new
Every year we add new drinks and flavours to our range! Behind the scenes we are constantly developing our products, so our portfolio will always be colourful in the future.
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